Climate Week 2018 runs from 1-5 October and is a great opportunity to showcase what colleges are doing about climate change and to plan for Scotland’s future. Throughout Climate Week organisations will be holding events designed to raise awareness about the work already underway and to encourage climate positive choices by both individuals and organisations.

The Sustainable Scotland Network  are supporting Climate Week and have developed a handy Communications Pack to help share Climate Week 2018.  There are also Climate Week Graphics to use for your event and on Social Media.

There are already a number of events happening throughout Scotland and if you decide to organise an event there is a sign up form which you can  fill it out and send it to, and they will list in on their website.

Join in EAUC Scotland’s Sharing Series interactive webinar on sustainable choices  and hear from peers across the college and university sector about what works – and what doesn’t – when influencing sustainable food choices.

This is an informal online sharing opportunity, where people working within further and higher education are invited to share their experiences and questions on specific topics connected to sustainability. The aim is to create an interactive platform, rather than a webinar lecture, where they have microphones and webcams switched on to allow debate to flow freely around the topic area with all participants. Use this link to register or contact EAUC Scotland directly to find out more: 0131 474 0000 or email:

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