Strengthening the quality and consistency of support throughout the learner journey

Kellie Mote, Consultant, CDN reflects on ‘Collaborative Working in Sensory Support: Strengthening Quality and Consistency of Support Throughout the Learner Journey’ event 25 April 2016

80 practitioners from schools, colleges, universities and the voluntary sector got together at CDN on the 25th of April to consider improving provision for all learners who have a sensory impairment.

It was a day of intensive, high quality learning featuring leading researchers and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Everyone made the most of the day and the atmosphere was one of real enthusiasm with delegates discussing key issues right up to the end.

We opened with a fascinating presentation by Dr Nadia Northway who clearly explained the condition of visual stress, explaining why it is often confused with dyslexia and requires specific intervention to facilitate reading.

Next, educational audiologist Joe O’Donnell talked about creating optimal conditions for hearing in class and the impact of poor listening conditions on learning.

The afternoon was packed with a choice of workshops including:13102762_1024349847644772_2882072951577445054_n

  • Producing STEM resources for British Sign Language users
  • Providing access to education and training for learners who have a severe dual sensory loss
  • Looking to the future: ensuring blind and partially sighted young people are prepared for life after school
  • New developments in Electronic Note Taking – an inclusive communication solution
  • CPD for educators from the Royal Blind Learning Hub
  • Spotlight on Visual Inclusion

Throughout the day delegates enjoyed a varied ‘inclusion marketplace’ where they could meet key service providers and network.

The event also saw the launch of Inclusive Practitioner, a new initiative from CDN that awards recognition for professional learning activities related to inclusiveness. Participation in the event was worth 4 Inclusive Practitioner credits, so a great way for everyone to get their accounts off to a good start.

View the following information from the event:

As there was such a large waiting list for the event, we livestreamed some of the presentations and workshops. Recordings of the livestreams are now available here.

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