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Mark and Sally both log on to the website of their local college and type ‘accountant’ into the search bar. Whilst Mark is met with a list of course information, Sally is taken to a page headed ‘Career as a Chartered or Certified Accountant’. In addition to course details, she is also given information on the career, including typical tasks and desired skills involved in accountancy; expected salary; the number of projected openings in the local area over the next few years; plus a selection of similar careers – all woven seamlessly into the college’s own branding.

Question: Which of these young people is likely to be most engaged?

Chartered or Certified Accountant

The answer seems fairly obvious, yet many colleges tend to concentrate on marketing their courses or Actual Product, rather than their Core Product, which from the perspective of a Mark or a Sally is ultimately about where they think that course will lead them. Put another way, they choose to do this course rather than that one because they believe that the knowledge, skills and qualification it will give them will increase their chances of getting to do the career they aspire to. If this is the case, any college that can show people the connection between their courses and actual careers is surely better placed to engage them than a college that doesn’t do this.

The key to achieving this lies in integrating insight about available careers in the college region into their website and marketing, and linking it back to courses. Those colleges that have taken this approach have started to see a number of benefits. For example, according to Matthew Lilley, Group Head of Marketing and Communications at Hull College:

The integration of LMI into the website has greatly enhanced the promotion of the College’s focus on employability and preparing our students to progress in work. We’ve received very positive feedback, including from external school partners who are able to use the insight in lessons for pupils to compare different sectors.


Another college taking this approach is Loughborough, who have seen over 7,000 unique career-related hits since integrating careers data, over 100 of which turned into goal completions.

Given that the Marks and Sallys of this world are looking to see how the education they are thinking of doing can lead to the future to which they aspire, these successes are not really surprising. By incorporating the link between courses and careers into their website and branding, the message being promoted by the likes of Hull and Loughborough is bound to resonate and engage them.

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