Throughout the Erasmus+ Project we have used the analogy of a train journey which linked very nicely to the Glasgow conference in September at Grand Central hotel, overlooking the train station.  The Project is now coming to an end but the journey most certainly continues.  To support colleges in their future Erasmus+ activity CDN has set up an International Development Network, that has ‘promotion of Erasmus+’ as part of its purpose and we’re in the process of setting up an Erasmus+ contact group, to share knowledge, practice and offer support to colleges beginning their journey in developing Erasmus+ provision. If you are interested in joining this group please contact

During the project we have contacted every college in Scotland, many of whom have come to one of our workshops or been at a network presentation. As a result we are seeing a renewed interest in the project and a greater understanding of Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ has delivered improved retention and success, improved chances of employment and increased opportunities for students on the most challenging journeys. Both staff and students return from exchanges saying that the experience has changed their life and staff come back full of new ideas and international contacts that benefit them and their college. To find out more about the advantages of involvement in Erasmus + have a look at the Toolkit we’ve developed.

The Toolkit includes talking head videos from both staff and students, case studies and links to a number of other useful toolkits developed in Scotland. Also included are ‘busts some of the myths’ that prevail about involvement in Erasmus+.

Thank you to all the many colleges and their staff and students who were so generous with their time and advice, in particular West Lothian College, New College Lanarkshire, Glasgow Kelvin, Perth College UHI and Glasgow Clyde College.

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