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College staff adapted very quickly to the crisis-situation that we all found ourselves in back in March, to ensure that students were both supported online and enabled to continue learning virtually. More than half a year later there is little clarity about when things will return to what we know as ‘normal’, which is why it is important that we implement little steps on a daily basis to keep us going at this time.

We recommend that you watch Sandy MacLean’s 30-minute Virtual Bridge webinar all about ‘Putting Staff Wellbeing First’. The free webinar explores and reflects on approaches that may enhance our mental health and wellbeing. She offers useful advice on ways we can be proactive and take control of our wellbeing in these uncertain times whilst recognising that we are unlikely to be at our sparkling best at this time!

Sandy is Curriculum and Teaching Lead at CDN and is most involved in CDN’s Access and Inclusion, Guidance, Student Support and Safeguarding networks. She is also a consultant for The Wellbeing Project UK.

Sandy said: “Since lockdown, the focus of staff in our networks has been on student mental health and wellbeing with little or no discussion about themselves and how they are managing, so I thought it was time to focus on this area.”

In the webinar Sandy recommends strategies that may help to improve your mental wellbeing. She also explains the simple concept of ‘Mindapples’ and small changes you can make that help you take better care of your mind.

We also hear from some college staff who kindly share their top tips.

Top 5 webinar Takeaways

• Adjust to changing situations and find balance by taking each day as it comes

• Allow yourself to take regular breaks from your ‘work-screen’

• Strike the right work-life balance – Make sure that work doesn’t become your life!

• Be OK with not being OK if everything is getting on top of you

• When everything else feels like it’s out of your control, think about the things that you have to be grateful for

Watch the webinar below…

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