Sandy MacLean, Lead – Curriculum & Teaching, CDN, highlights key benefits of new online course – Including Students who are Deaf, Visually Impaired, or Deafblind

CDN have just launched a new online course which sits within Inclusive Practitioner on CDN LearnOnline – Including Students who are Deaf, Visually Impaired, or Deafblind. This course will introduce strategies that colleges can use to ensure that students who are deaf and/or visually impaired have equality of access to further education.

This course is relevant to a wide range of college staff. Implementing inclusive strategies involve a variety of staff working together to ensure that students can both access the college and the resources they need, and that lecturers are well prepared and adequately supported to provide an equal learning experience to all students.

The course is flexible and practitioners can work through the sections at their own pace. There is a mixture of text, images and videos and a range of reflective questions. These are intended to help staff think about how they could improve practice in their own setting.

As some of the responses to these could inform a plan of action to improve practice, there is the option to download a document to record thoughts and actions. These questions could also be used in team discussions or in staff development activities.

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