Valerie Jackman is Leadership and Governance Lead at CDN. She is an experienced educator, a skilled facilitator, a creative catalyst and an enthusiastic collaborator. 

Having held senior leadership roles in the private sector, Valerie moved to the FE sector where she worked as a lecturer with Edinburgh College. Her role involved developing and delivering bespoke Leadership programmes for commercial clients, as well as overseeing the ILM and CMI programmes offered by the college. Valerie also served as a member of the Academic Council at Edinburgh College.

Valerie has worked on many projects nationally and in Ireland, exploring the future of Education, and in particular how the sector needs to evolve to meet the needs of our 21st century learners. Valerie is a Chartered Member of CMI, an Academic Associate with CIPD and an Executive Coach. Passionate about lifelong learning, Valerie’s own learning journey has involved studying with institutions including MIT, The Presencing Institute, Margaret Wheatley, The International Futures Forum and The Bateson Institute.

Valerie, who is Course Leader of CDN’s Emerging Leadership and Strategic Leadership programmes, tells us more about each programme

What can people expect from the Emerging Leadership Programme?

‘The Emerging Leadership programme is made up of two CMI units and is suitable for middle managers and those aspiring to lead at middle management level. Studying this programme gives you the opportunity to not only learn about management theories and practices, but also to learn about yourself, your leadership style, your strengths, and the areas you would like to further develop. Participants benefit from connecting with other managers from across the sector in Scotland and on successful completion of the programme and two written assignments, they gain a CMI Certificate in Management and Leadership at QCF level 5 (SCQF level 8).’

Can you tell us about the different units?

‘In the first unit participants will learn the importance of aligning organisational mission purpose and goals, and by exploring the theoretical and practical approaches to leadership, they will gain a greater understanding of their own leadership style and the skills and competencies required to lead effectively. The second unit is about recognising how trust and empowerment can create the conditions for building a cohesive team. Participants explore key components of performance management, including emotional intelligence, motivation, conflict management and coaching.’

Who would you recommend the Emerging Leadership Programme to?

The course is aimed at practising or aspiring managers and leaders. The primary role of a practising or aspiring manager and leader is to lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver aims and objectives in line with organisational strategy.

What can people expect from the Strategic Leadership Programme?

‘The Strategic Leadership programme is for experienced managers who are involved in developing and implementing strategic change, be that at an organisational or departmental level. This programme goes deeper into Leadership theory and practice by exploring the impact of internal and external factors on strategic leadership and what is required to manage complex organisational challenges. Again, participants benefit greatly from working with other managers at a similar level from across the sector and on completion of the course and two written assignments they gain a CMI Certificate in Management and Leadership at QCF level 7 (SCQF level 11).’

Can you tell us about the two units?

‘The first unit really focuses on the context for strategic leadership and the behaviours and skills required to lead strategically. The second unit focuses on strategic change, including the models and theories that support the implementation of change and the strategies and tools that can be used to minimise and manage barriers to change.’

Who would you recommend the Strategic Leadership Programme to?

This course is aimed at senior managers and aspiring senior managers who have or aim to have the authority and personal inspiration to translate organisational strategy into effective operational performance. The qualification requires managers to build on their strategic management and leadership skills, as well as focusing on what is required to implement the organisation’s strategy.

How much time do people have to commit?

‘Both the Emerging Leadership Programme and the Strategic Leadership Programme are part-time courses, which run over 6 months. Both programmes require participants to attend 11 x 2-hour online tutor lead workshops. During these workshops participants are introduced to theories, models and practices and they are encouraged to explore and share their own experience with colleagues on the course. They are also expected to undertake an equal amount of self-directed learning.’

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