CDN and Jisc bring you free Virtual Bridge webinars

CDN’s Lead of Digital and Innovation Kenji Lamb tells us about Virtual Bridge, the new webinar series which has been designed to support college staff in delivering remote learning, teaching and assessment…

We have partnered up with Jisc to deliver the Virtual Bridge sessions, a series of webinars that bring together the EdTech-enthused communities in Scotland and Northern Ireland to share stories and expertise during these challenging times. Bring a cup of coffee and settle in for an informal chat around a wide variety of topics, and if you have something that you’d like to share yourself, drop me a line at with a title, short description of your topic and a track listing*.

All of the webinars will be delivered online and we’ll make the recordings available as quickly as we can after each session. We have already covered a wide range of topics, including Recording Presentations via Powerpoint, Learning Logs in OneNote and Making YouTube Make Sense.

All webinar recordings are available for you to watch back on the Virtual Bridge Session playlist.

You can join us every Tuesday and Friday from 11am for 30 minutes by following the link below. There’s no need to register, just click on the link and we’ll be there to welcome you! It’s the same link every time, so you can just bookmark it and drop in whenever you’re free. The sessions generally open 10 minutes before we’re due to start – and we have been known to hang back for a second cup of coffee and extended chat afterwards. Remember, recording starts as soon as you join a session – and although we only put the presentation bit on YouTube, we are thinking of putting together a ‘blooper reel’ at some point! 

 Click here to find out more

In the spirit of keeping everything open, all the content that’s delivered will be made available under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) which means you’re free to share and re-use anything that you find. We hope that you’ll be able to join us – and please feel free to share the link! The sessions are open to everyone and to every sector – the dress code is informal, coffee is advised, and there will always be a seat free near the fire. Hope to see you there!

*When I say ‘track listing’, we’ve decided that each session should have a track listing that is inspired by the challenges brought to us by the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll compile all of these in a shareable playlist for streaming services and distribute this later.

Note – we do not take the coronavirus outbreak lightly and our playlist is there to provide some light relief and hopefully inspire a smile or two during these difficult times. Our thoughts are with you and more than anything, we want you to stay safe and well.

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