Externally Facilitated Effectiveness Review of The Board of Management

CDN is looking for a governance expert to undertake an evaluation of the Board of Management with the aim of providing insights into how effectively the Board is currently operating and to identify improvements that could be made. This piece of work will be remunerated.

CDN is a charitable company limited by guarantee owned by the Regional Colleges and Regional Strategic Bodies in Scotland.


The successful person should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • A clear understanding of how to undertake an external governance review of a Board of Management.
  • Independent of both the board and of CDN.
  • Expertise in board governance with knowledge of sector governance issues relevant to CDN and the requirements placed on its board.
  • An ability to provide rigorous challenge to the board while developing a constructive relationship with it.


If you are interested in undertaking the evaluation please email gayle.watson@cdn.ac.uk Company Secretary directly by Friday 8 February 2019.
You will be asked to submit a proposal to undertake this work thereafter.

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