Skills Development Scotland’s training and support for young females to become tech role models and mentors for school aged children are now live!

The Digital Technologies Skills Group in partnership with Girl Geek Scotland are seeking young women who have chosen to study, work in and enjoy technology to volunteer as role models and mentors for school age girls.

To help more young women take their first steps into becoming a role model or mentor they have created a suite of training and support resources. This includes a training webinar, a directory of organisations that individuals can volunteer with, detailed guidance materials, classroom resources, and case studies from Active Coding Academies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Stemettes.

Scotland’s technology sector is one of the country’s most exciting, creative and successful areas to work. Yet still far too few women are choosing to pursue digital technology. We need more young, credible role models to help change the status quo and show girls how much they could achieve if they choose a career in digital technology. It’s really important that students and younger members of the workforce get involved with these projects.

Access the role model and mentor resources here:

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