CDN Digital Capability Hub

The following practical resources relate to elements taken from the Baseline Lecturer Digital Capabilities, published as part of CDN’s Reserach Report, Digital Capability – A Scottish Landscape Review (2021).

  • Create Digital Educational Content

    Students primarily interact with digital content, it’s important that lecturers have a minimum level of proficiency with common MS Office applications as well as software related to their subject areas.

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  • Provide Online Assessment

    In this section we focus on assessment that is available online, i.e., which is available via the Internet or local network, though that can include the need for in-person attendance, e.g., at an assessment centre.

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  • Track Student Progress

    It’s important to track student progress in terms of performance and wellbeing. Formative assessment can clarify understanding, identify gaps in learning and provide opportunity for feedback.

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  • Find and Organise Digital Content

    It’s more important than ever that we learn how to navigate and interact with the information around us.

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