CDN are planning a series of events around ‘coding in colleges’, which covers a range of subject areas (not just Computing Science!). All of the resources for each session can be found here.

CoderDojo for Colleges

There’s been a shift in recent years with learners encouraged to develop their programming skills alongside mainstream Office skills. CoderDojo is movement that began in 2011, setting up computer clubs for young learners (7-17) with almost 3,000 members signed up in Scotland in ‘14/15.

CDN ran a customised CoderDojo; event for colleges, led by John Bell who runs CoderDojos in Castlemilk and Bridgeton. It was a chance to see what young learners were doing – in school and out, to give an idea of what kind of skills might be coming through the colleges. View the programme here.  The session involved:

•    An introduction to programming via the BBC Micro:bit, CoderDojo style!
•    Participants required no previous experience of programming
•    We provided the kit, they brought their sense of adventure

Coding requires intelligence, yes, but more than that it requires a willingness to learn, an ability to break down problems into smaller problems and perseverance. Many mere mortals have these skills, not only Geek Gods.

Coding event

                                     Participants at the workshop embarking on their first ‘MakeyMakey’ task

Below you can see the presentations delivered at the session and resources used to support the activities:

John Bell

 Lorraine Johnston

Instructions to programme Micro:bit Pedometer– download here

Solutions to additional tasks – download here