Coming soon…new online courses

New online courses…coming soon

Our development teams have been working hard to bring you a range of new online courses for 2020. We’re delighted to share information about them with you here…

PDA Teaching Practice in Scotland’s Colleges support materials

This self-study online content is designed to support college lecturers completing the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Professional Development Award (PDA) Teaching Practice in Scotland’s Colleges, but is also relevant to other lecturers and/or other college staff involved in delivering and/or supporting learning. The online learning materials have also been mapped against the Professional Standards for college lecturers.

These resources will support engagement with the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges and help contribute to professional learning and development, deepening knowledge and understanding and enhancing professional practice around the ways to empower and support students to learn effectively, both in and out of class.

Supporting Student Carers

In collaboration with Carers Trust Scotland, CDN is developing an online learning module for staff in Scotland’s Colleges. The interactive module is based around video testimony from student carers and is designed to encourage staff to develop ideas and strategies that enable student carers to come to college, stay on course and be successful. By providing staff with an opportunity to build provision and undertake CPD, the module will also help colleges to gain the Carers Trust ‘Going Further for Student Carers Recognition Award,’ as urged by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) in their Outcome Agreements Guidance 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Promoting Positive Behaviour: Online Modules

CDN has developed two new online modules with the aim of supporting lecturers to build skills related to the new Professional Standards. Both are free to access. Promoting Positive Behaviour provides an overview of factors influencing classroom behaviour, accompanied by a range of strategies and resources that lecturers can use to create an individualised toolbox of solutions, suited to their strengths and the needs of their learners.

Including Students who are Deaf, Visually Impaired, or Deafblind is a popular course you may have noticed in our previous Inclusive Practitioner programme. This has been updated and expanded to include even more relevant information and to reflect new legislation.

Safeguarding Learners in College

The purpose of this programme is to provide colleges with a better understanding of the legislative and policy background to safeguarding; how to take a person-centred approach to safeguarding and how to identify and respond to any issues and concerns that arise in the college environment. As such, it is about safeguarding learners in the broadest sense, not just about protecting and detecting abuse and neglect.

The first section introduces the legislative context and background within Scotland, with the second section exploring the practical application of safeguarding learners in college. The third and final section provides links to current resources and sharing of institutional practice.

Staff can work through this resource in sequence or can use the material as a reference guide with sections explored in any order. This resource is for all staff in Scotland’s colleges and is designed to complement institutional policies, procedures and training with regard to Safeguarding practices. As well as providing relevant background knowledge, the content is intended to be useful in daily work and fitting to whatever college setting staff may find themselves.

Data Science in Colleges

Data Science in Colleges is a new six-week course designed to demonstrate how everyone can benefit from learning more about the data that flows around us. The course takes approximately 12-15 hours to complete, including a final assignment that involves designing a data science activity for students in your chosen subject area. You will have a choice to share your assignment with the sector as a shareable resource for everyone to benefit from.

Data Science in Colleges has been developed with funding from The Data Lab Innovation Centre and is modelled on the University of Stirling’s MSc Big Data course.

Security Awareness Training Modules 1 & 2

These two modules are about keeping you and your family safe in today’s ever-changing digital world. Learn how to:

• Guard against malicious emails, texts and phone calls;
• Protect your privacy;
• Know when it’s safe to share online;

• Generate secure passwords;
• Discover if you’ve been hacked; and
• Protect your devices

What do institutions get out of it? Being cyber aware at home translates to being cyber aware at work. We all benefit. The modules can be customised for use in your institution (or used as they are).

Keep an eye out for our new online courses here.

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