New Report: Governing a College Using Virtual Meetings Support for virtual board meetings

In partnership with Association of Colleges (AoC) we recently published Governing a College Using Virtual Meetings. This report looks at how colleges across the UK have dealt with the challenges of governing during the pandemic and provides advice for the future use of virtual board meetings. We are currently arranging training based on the recommendations in the report.

View the report here

Scottish college board members’ role in equality and diversity

All colleges in Scotland are required to comply with equality legislation that impacts on the day to day work of the college, its strategic direction and how its board diversifies its membership.

Board members play an integral role in supporting equality and diversity in Scottish colleges as part of creating and driving the colleges’ strategic aims, by ensuring the college meets its legal responsibilities, and in helping to build a diverse and representative governing body.

This briefing explains the role of boards in overseeing the embedding and implementation of equality law within college processes, but also focuses on what it means for boards themselves.

Read the briefing here.

The Code of Good Governance for Scotland’s colleges

The Code of Good Governance for Scotland’s colleges is a core reference document for anyone involved in governance in this sector. Adherence to the Code which has been developed by the sector and its key stakeholders through the Good Governance Steering Group is obligatory for every board that receives money from the Scottish Funding Council.

The Good Governance Steering Group recently undertook a review of the Code of Good Governance for Scotland’s Colleges. As part of this exercise, a consultation took place to seek views from key stakeholders on the revisions proposed by the steering group. This review has now concluded and the updated Code of Good Governance for Scotlands Colleges August 2016 is now available.

The Scottish Funding Council has released guidance, ‘Good practice in college governance’ which articulates requirements for colleges to comply with the revised Code of Good Governance for Scotland’s Colleges.

Guide for Board MembersThe Guide for Board Members in the College Sector

The Guide for Board Members in the College Sector is another national publication produced by the Code of Good Governance Steering Group. It is a short, easily read guide to the responsibilities of being a board member in a college or regional strategic body in Scotland.

Guidance Notes for Boards in the College Sector

  1. A Board Development Framework takes into account best practice principles from the public, private and charity sectors. In producing the guidance, the Steering Group has sought to balance the desire for the sector to implement the code in ways which reflect the diverse needs of individual institutions while at the same time, making clear the high standards of governance required of every college and regional strategic body. This guidance supplements the requirements of the Code of Good Governance published in December 2014. The Development Framework is designed to help colleges and regional strategic bodies to put into practice the Code’s requirements covering board training, induction and development.
  2. Guidance Note – Conducting Externally Facilitated Effectiveness Reviews (August 2016) is new guidance for college boards, which has been developed in line with the updated Code and agreed by the Good Governance Steering Group. College boards are being asked to complete their initial externally facilitated reviews by 31 March 2017.
  3. On Board: A Guide for Members of Statutory Boards this guidance provides the basic information that you will need to understand your role as a member of the Board of a public body in Scotland and to help make your time with the Board fulfilling and effective.

Good College Governance Task Group Report

The Good College Governance Task Group  was announced in a Parliamentary Statement on 08 October 2015. The Task Group’s remit includes developing the necessary capacity and behaviour to improve governance.

The Good College Governance Task Group – Final Report focuses on areas for improvement, while acknowledging that college sector governance has many positives.

The Task Group has also produced the Good College Governance Task Group – Supporting Material Report, which is intended to be read in conjunction with the main report (above) and provides supporting detail.

Staff Governance Standard, a document produced by Scotland’s Colleges, the organisation previous to College Development Network.

Board Diversity and the PSED:  A guide for Public Authorities in Scotland

This guidance explains the requirements of the new public sector specific duty regulation, which aims to promote greater diversity amongst the members of the boards of Scotland’s public authorities. It is aimed at those responsible for implementing the PSED in public authorities in Scotland.

The Technical Guidance on the Public Sector Equality Duty in Scotland has also been updated to include information on the new duty.Board Diversity

View Board diversity and the Public Sector Equality Duty: a guide for public authorities in Scotland here.  

View Technical guidance on the Public Sector Equality Duty: Scotland here.

Glossary of Terms Relevant to the college sector in Scotland

View Glossary of Terms relevant to the college sector in Scotland here.