Flushed with success!  A UK first in sustainable energy from waste water

Borders College, in partnership with SHARC Energy Systems, recently completed the installation of the UK’s first heating plant using sewage/waste water as a sustainable heat source within a joint HE/FE Campus with multiple building types, ages and construction designs at the Galashiels Campus.

The new Energy Centre was completed in 2016 and started operation in March of that year. When fully optimised the system will provide a minimum of 95% of Campus heat requirements. Reducing the risks of heat purchase price fluctuations while also significantly reducing the carbon burden from gas fired heating at the Campus. To date the system has performed above expectations.

The project’s innovative design and implementation shows the benefits that can be achieved from private and public sectors working together as partners toward common goals. The project has already attracted significant interest with FE and the Scottish Borders, serving as an exemplar of innovative practice.

Top 3 learnings:

  1. We must always remember to look beyond the obvious solutions and dare to be different!
  2. By working in true partnership, we achieve much wider benefits than working as individuals.
  3. We must not let initial barriers stop us when we know our solution is right!

CO2t savings over the life cycle of the project:
4320 CO2t over 20 years Estimated

You can view a video of their project below: