Introduction to a Career in Social Care

Introduction to a Career in Social Care is a brand new six-week, part time, online tutor-supported course. Currently under development, it will be available from Scottish colleges from October 2021 to the end of March 2022.

This online course will introduce students to a career in Social Care, where opportunities are many and varied. The course has been designed for those who enjoy working with people, are compassionate, have a sense of fun and are seeking a new rewarding career helping others live their lives to the full.

Participants will be able to work through the learning materials at their own pace, extending their learning through videos and links to further information.

A college tutor will be available to provide support and encouragement to ensure participant engagement with all the topics, and to monitor progress.

This course is free for particpants, and fully funded.

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*Image provided by Borders College

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