CDN's Joint Curriculum Development Groups

In response to feedback from the college colleagues, CDN has developed a set Joint Curriculum Development Groups. These Groups will encompass a wide range of subject areas and are designed to allow lecturers and other colleagues to share good practice within their subject specialism.

Bookings for the Joint Curiculum Development Groups will re-open in August 2021. Watch this space!

The Groups will enable lecturers and other colleagues to:


Share approaches to the delivery of the subject/topic


Share and develop resources


Invite guest speakers


Discuss and address barriers to remote delivery


Develop solutions to issues


Discuss any other issues and topics

  • Meetings start September 2021

    Each Group will meet 4-6 times over the academic session, with meetings taking place every 6-8 weeks. Meetings will commence in September 2021 and run through to June 2022.

  • Online meetings

    All meetings will take place online and will be facilitated by CDN. It is proposed that meetings will last for 60 minutes. Outside of the meeting, a Professional Learning Community is provided to allow for collaboration to take place in between meetings.