Launch of the National STEM Strategy

The National STEM Strategy was formally launched yesterday (26 October) at the Scottish Government.

The Strategy aims for everyone to be encouraged and supported to develop their STEM skills throughout their lives, enabling them to be inquiring, productive and innovative. This is in order both to grow STEM literacy in society and drive inclusive economic growth in Scotland.

The development of the strategy has been informed by a formal consultation process, a short-life Expert Reference Group, and by a range of recent reports into STEM education, including the STEMEC report.  The Expert Reference Group was co-chaired by Professor Sheila Rowan, the Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland, and Professor Iain Hunter of the University of Strathclyde and the Scottish Science Advisory Council and included representation from both the College and University Sectors.

To deliver enhanced STEM professional learning, the Scottish Government aim to:

We will increase opportunities for STEM-related CLPL in colleges and universities by working with the Energy Skills Partnership, College Development Network and the Digital Skills Partnership to ensure lecturers are provided with high-quality skills development within STEM curriculum areas.

View the STEM Strategy here.

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