Scotland’s colleges are crucial for their students, their communities, businesses, the economy and their staff. To celebrate the outstanding innovation, hard work and best practice that takes place across the sector every day, our collaborative #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign in 2020 launched on St Andrews day, Monday 30 November.

The campaign aims to highlight the importance and strength of Scotland’s colleges, promoting examples, both national and local, of how colleges support students, the economy, businesses, communities and staff.

We are encouraging all colleges, Principals, Politicians, businesses, local citizens and staff to get involved with the campaign on social media by using #LoveScotlandsColleges

Each day focused on a separate stakeholder and how colleges support these stakeholders in a range of ways.

These were split into:

Day 1 – Monday 30 November
Supporting our students

We launch the campaign with a focus on the most important reasons for Scotland’s colleges, students. Students are at the heart of everything we do as colleges.

We are encouraging colleges to share their best case studies of students and what they have gone on to achieve after studying with them.

We would also love to hear from previous students about what college meant to you!

Day 2  – Tuesday 1 December
Supporting our economy

Colleges are vital to supporting the economic revival of Scotland. For the second day of this campaign we want to hear about how many students you have each year as a college, how you have adapted your curriculum to help those in need to re-train and enter the workplace and case studies of innovative ideas for helping re-train and upskill those out of work or looking for a new career path.

Day 3 – Wednesday 2 December
Supporting our communities

Scotland’s colleges pulled together during the Covid-19 pandemic to donate thousands of PPE, hospital beds, food for those in need and even offering their campuses as Covid testing centres. We want to hear about all the great things your college has done over the past 9 months supporting your community.

We also want to hear from local community groups showcasing how colleges have helped them.

Day 4 – Thursday 3 December
Supporting our businesses

To promote the positive relationships colleges have with employers and the local skills need, we would like colleges to share a social media post showing how many employers they work with, or a case study about how you have worked with a local business.

We would also love to hear from local businesses and how colleges have helped support your business grow.

Day 5 – Friday 4 December
Supporting our staff

Our staff are the core of what we do. They are providing the future generation of workforce with the skills and knowledge to achieve their potential. On the final day we want Scotland’s Colleges to highlight their appreciation and calibre of their staff.

We want to see case studies of staff working from home and adapting to teaching in new and outstanding ways to amaze us all! We want to hear about staff who have gone above and beyond to support their students, the college and their communities.

Staff – we want to hear from you on our final day as well. Tell us why you love working in one of Scotland’s colleges!
Remember, use #LoveScotlandsColleges in all your social content to highlight how amazing our college sector is! If characters allow, #ChooseCollege can also be used to reinforce the messages.

Marketing Toolkit

We have created a marketing toolkit to support your promotion of the #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign, where you will find a news release, social media graphics and key messages.

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