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CDN has partnered with Know You More (KYM), a social enterprise that provides high level digital executive coaching.

This unique partnership offers senior college staff the opportunity to benefit from on demand, bespoke executive coaching from wherever they are in Scotland – and to nominate up to five young people from their college’s Student Association to undertake three, one-hour coaching sessions (provided pro bono).

There are two cost options for senior leaders:

  • three one-hour sessions for a total of £600 (and the chance to purchase a further two sessions if required); or
  • five one-hour sessions for a total of £1,000.

Either option comes with the commitment to provide up to five young people from the college’s Student Association with three, one-hour coaching sessions.

Why coaching?

Know You More executive coaching equips people with the skills, behaviours and techniques that will help them develop themselves and those around them. Coaching is an investment with far-reaching benefits. The effects positively impact an organisation at its core, by developing great leaders that can empower their people and  teams. Coaching creates a culture of learning and development that encompasses all staff, and brings success on an organisational level.

Why now?

Senior college leaders across the system have faced and had to navigate significant change. Know You More executive coaching is designed to equip them with the skills, behaviours and techniques to overcome these challenges.


David Davidson, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development at Ayrshire College:

For the first time in my career, I have completed a comprehensive programme of coaching, which has been delivered by Know You More and facilitated by College Development Network (CDN).

Being able to work with a dedicated coach over a period of months has been a hugely valuable experience for me. I’ve had the opportunity to plan the structure of the coaching programme and identify the areas that were important to me.

Through working with my coach, I’ve been able to unpack the elements of my role which I find challenging, reflect on areas of strength and identify priority actions and behaviours to support me in my leadership role. My coach has been excellent in challenging me and helping me to ‘know myself more’, which is most certainly the case. The invaluable element of the programme has been the opportunity to develop a positive working relationship with my coach over an extended period.

Find out more about Know You More and the benefits of coaching for everyone: www.knowyoumore.com

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