Thursday 29 October 2015, Stirling

This conference was planned and organised by a short life working group of the Community Learning Development Network.

Description of Conference:

This inspirational networking event, supported by students, provides an excellent CPD opportunity for adult learning practitioners from college and partner organisations. Keynote speakers will raise awareness of progression towards fulfilling the Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition and of the Adult Achievement Awards Pilot Projects as well as the opportunities available through engaging with The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE). The host for the day was Diane Gardner, Senior Lecturer ALN and Community, City of Glasgow College and the Joint Chair of the Community Learning Development Network.

Workshops will explore innovative practice in community learning, evidencing the impact of adult learning, public contracts funding, resources supporting the Digitally Agile National Principles and EPALE. Throughout the day delegates also had the opportunity to explore the World Café Event including a wide range of orgasniations.

The Programme included the following keynote presentations:

  • Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition – Progress and Future Challenges, Cath Hamilton, Education Scotland
  • EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) – Jodie Crossley, Ecorys UK
  • The Adult Achievement Awards – Marian Docherty, Newbattle Abbey College

The event was Supported by CDN staff and 7 students from Glasgow Clyde College, with an additional two Glasgow Clyde College musicians providing entertainment during breaks throughout the day.

Community Learning Students

Final Session – What’s Next?

  • Take forward sharing of experiences – need to continue this
  • More adult careers advisors to become involved (to support careers advice for the over 20s) to help support student progression
  • Community Learning and finding funding; need the energy and drive of individuals to make things happen
  • Need to actively promote the impacts of Community Learning
  • Learners often have issues and need help (eg mental health, confidence) which creates challenges and pressures – but we know we can respond to this
  • What needs to be happen for colleges to be fully engaged with the Adult Learning Statement of Ambition? Eg delivery of the Adult Achievement Awards; active engagement with EPALE; learning from partnerships; attracting more funding

Great to meet other practitioners and critically evaluate the way CLD is moving.

Speakers were excellent, asking reflective questions about the role CLD is taking in society and the way CLD is being led.