SDS – My World of Work – The Ambassador Journey

Core and other essential generic skills

Essential Skills – an HMI perspective (Education Scotland)

Essential Skills for Education and Employment (SDS)

Essential Skills Statement of Ambition (K Murphy Chair)

Our Essential SkillsCore Skills Context (NCLAN)

Selecting and nurturing talent (aspirare)


‘The Job’ – Online Support Pack (NCLAN) – the videos can be viewed here

Bringing a comic con to life (Ayrshire College)

Core skills made engaging and relevant (Forth Valley College)

Developing the Pupil Voice in School (sparqs)

Interactive exercise (Iain Jenkins)

Introduction to Social Subjects (G Kelvin & the Marie Trust Programme)

Mission (Im)possibleResponding to the emerging skills demand in 2016 and beyond (CDN)

Recognising the non-recognised(SCQF)

Science magic college and school partnership (D&A College)

Certificate of Work Readiness – West College Scotland