The MIS Development Network held its second event of the academic term on Tuesday 25 April. Below you will find a selection of a presentations delivered at the event.


Ayrshire College – Improving Retention through Predictive Analytics
Mark Sanger and Richard Simson, Ayrshire College
Ayrshire College have been experimenting with predictive analytics to help identify students that are at risk of leaving college. The presentation was designed to help provide delegates with an understanding of the underlying principles associated with predictive analytics and share the factors associated with increased risk of withdrawal.


The MyD&A Portal
Caron Sandeman and Kristoffer Getchell, Dundee and Angus College
The College has developed a new portal for staff which pulls data from internal systems via an Enterprise Data Layer for staff to view. The portal covers Executives to Students and is based around giving people ‘the right information, in the right place at the right time’. The data is based on roles, so for example, a college lecturer can view all their courses and data relating to those courses – Recruitment, Enrolments, PIs, Credits, and Students.


South Lanarkshire College – Electronic Internal Verification System
John Carr, South Lanarkshire College
John provided an overview of the development of an electronic internal verification system.


SQA National Qualifications Update
Fiona Malone, SQA
Fiona gave an overview of the Nat 5 developments that will be coming into place for 2017–18.


SQA Update
Fiona Maclean, SQA
Fiona covered various SQA related topics, including approval files and the frequency of these; lapse dates and data cleansing.