Purpose of Network

The CSSG is the over-arching strategic sector group which supports colleges in developing and delivering a range of qualifications and courses in Health Care, Social Care, Early Years Education and Childhood Practice. These courses are crucial for developing people who can join the practitioner workforce direct from college and for people who wish to continue to further or higher study either in college or with HEIs.

A Strategy Group of senior college staff oversee the direction and focus of the CSSG and three Strategy Sub-groups in Health Care; Social Care; and Childhood Practice have large memberships from across all colleges and meet on a regular basis

Focus of the network this session

  • To discuss issues and concerns and seek solutions where appropriate
  • Share good practices and innovation across the group e.g. digitally enabled care.
  • Seek new opportunities and support the development of these with colleges where appropriate.
  • Discuss the implications of policy on the delivery of the curriculum areas.

Who may wish to attend this network

College staff who have responsibility for managing or delivering the curriculum areas listed, and external partners who work in, or influence, Health Care, Social Care, Early Years Education and Childhood Practice in Scotland.

External partnerships

The scope of this work is complex and includes working collaboratively with a diverse range of partners including SFC, SSSC, SQA, Scottish Government, SDS, NES, NHS Health Boards, SWAP, IRISS, Scottish Care, Scottish Childminding Association, and many others both on both regular and ad hoc basis.

CDN Lead

Gail Toms