What Are Creativity Skills?

The main infographic that outlines the four creativity skills.


Find your local Creative Learning Network

With funding to develop capacity for the development of creativity skills there is a network of local authority contacts you will want to build partnerships with.


Creativity Infographics

We challenged ourselves to turn a 50 page inspection report into something more accessible and created a series of infographics – the largest of which will soon be available as pull up banners in each local authority, but all are either printable or look great on a smart phone.


Everything is Creative Infographic Maker

We wanted to empower educators to take make the infographics their own so we have a free, no barriers, quick online poster making tool that includes a template for creativity skills (and one for the Inwards, Outwards, Forwards improvement wheel) – you can quickly create professional quality visuals to share by email, social media or to put up on the wall.


Planning For And Evaluating Creativity

Some tools that allow evaluation of the development of creativity skills, many of which are used extensively in the field by the Creative Learning Networks


Creativity Graphic EqualiserCreativity Graphic Equaliser

We’re currently trialling a self-evaluation tool that lecturers and learners can use to explore how creative the teaching, learning and environment is. We call it the graphic equaliser because it allows you to shade a ranged response instead of a finite point on the graph – making the discussion and responses so much richer and more intuitive. Feel free to use/adapt and let me know if you find it useful. This may be a useful tool for lecturers in any subject to consider how well they are supporting creativity skills in their own context.