3. Professional Practice

3.1. Ongoing professional learning

3.2. Effective and inclusive practice and engagement with students and partners

  • Purposefully builds constructive and respectful learning relationships with students and partners.
  • Plans, develops and uses a range of learning, teaching and assessment strategies to meet the different needs and learning preferences of students.
  • Applies a range of inclusive practices to promote and support engagement with students and partners.
  • Actively nurtures, encourages and responds to the student’s views and opinions individually and through systems of representation.
  • Applies a critical understanding of the nature, purposes, principles and stages of guidance.
  • Collaborates and works in partnership with others to ensure that all guidance, advice and support sustains learning and maintains the positive health and wellbeing and safety of all students.

3.3. Creates innovative curriculum design and learning and teaching

3.4. Effective application of digital technologies to learning, life and work

  • Promotes and supports the safe and respectful use of digital technologies and the impact on others.
  • Engages with, and evaluates critically, the use of technologies and their impact on meeting student needs, and supporting learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Promotes and facilitates wider access to learning and teaching and assessment through the effective application of digital technologies.

3.5. Critical reflective and collaborative practice in learning and teaching