CDN has undertaken a range of workshop and information sessions on safeguarding students in colleges to keep them safe and within the law.

CDN’s recent workshop and information sessions on safeguarding developments have focused on:

  • Safeguarding in specific circumstances
  • The Prevent Duty and safeguarding.

Working in partnership with Colleges Scotland and the Scottish Preventing Violent Extremism Unit (SPVEU), CDN is supporting the college sector through the provision of direction, guidance, and advice to college safeguarding teams. Prevent is about safeguarding students to keep them both safe and within the law. A clear message emerging from all partners, including CDN, is that Prevent work sits alongside any other safeguarding concern and that college systems and operational procedures for safeguarding can deliver the Prevent duty guidance for the sector.

The CDN annual safeguarding conference, which took place on Monday 24 August 2015, explored specific circumstances and the Prevent duty.

A short online programme for all college staff on these topics will be available through our Professional Learning Platform, CDN LearnOnline. Other useful staff development materials around Prevent are also available.

For further information, please contact CDN Manager, Garry Cameron:

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