Be Smart – Internet Safety Resources

Promoting a positive online experience for everyone; a peer-led approach

At the beginning of the year, Police Scotland launched their ‘Be Smart – Internet Safety Resources‘ programme, a set of free resources designed for students to start the conversation with their peers about staying safe online. The materials were developed by Trend Micro, a global leader in IT security, and incorporate everything needed to deliver an interactive, 80-minute workshop. They consist of:

The resource offers the opportunity for students to practice a range of practical presentation skills as well as discuss important issues around Internet safety. Originally designed for schools, CDN obtained permission from Police Scotland to adapt the material with their assistance for a college audience. These ‘college’ versions are available for download below, copyright is held by Trend Micro, but the content is cleared for non-commercial, educational use. The original presentation material was available as a Prezi, but we made the decision to use PowerPoint as this didn’t rely on an Internet connection to deliver.

We held a live run-through of the material, and Police Scotland delivered a presentation on preventing cybercrime.



Original materials (including handouts and student guides) can be accessed on the Young Scot website.

You can download the ‘college version’ of the slides below. Please note that the video for the third topic ‘Safety’ contains strong language, so a judgement should be made as to whether this is suitable for your students, or should be replaced with an alternative video.

The first link packages all three topics together:

And three separate sets of slides, covering one topic each:

If you find any video content that could be used with these resources (to replace the existing video content), or would like to share how you’ve used the content, please drop us a line at: