It is estimated one in five children in every classroom has a learning difficulty. The Salvesen Mindroom Centre has considerable expertise in supporting families living with learning difficulties such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Tourette Syndrome and DCD.

Their revised guide, It takes all kinds of minds gives a clear explanation of some of the key features of these neurodevelopmental conditions, and suggests some practical ways to help. The guide has been distributed to all teachers registered with GTCS, and to teachers in training at the Scottish Universities.

Ken Muir, CEO of the GTCS, says It takes all kinds of minds, is ‘a wonderful resource.’ The Salvesen Mindroom Centre is delighted to make the guide available to colleagues working in further education, too, where they believe it will be an essential reference tool about learning difficulties for lecturers and students alike.

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre particularly appreciates feedback on the guide, please take five  minutes to let us know what you think.

View the revised guide here.

For more information about their support to families, and the professionals working with them:
0131 475 2330

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