Digital Skills @ CDN

The term ‘digital skills’ describes a broad field, from core digital literacy to careers in cyber resilience. During this academic session, CDN will be supporting the sector through a range of activities. To see what’s on offer browse our Digital Skills network page at

In the meantime, you might find some of the following useful:

  • Cyber Security – securing portable data is an important aspect of digital safety, consider using a free tool like USB Safeguard ( to encrypt information on flash drives.
  • Assessment – Kahoot ( a popular free quiz tool, ideal for team settings, where learners use their own devices to participate in competitive mini games. Download the getting started guide here:
  • Presentations – Office Mix (, a free PowerPoint plug-in that lets you develop online interactive presentations. Watch Bill Gates’ example for an idea of what’s possible:
  • Web Design – an original take on introducing web design via CSS, using an incremental approach supported by code examples. Point your browser at:
  • Passwords – ethical hackers at our Cyber Resilience event advised using three random words when coming up with new passwords, e.g. ‘runnerfontguitar’. Basically, the longer the better.
  • Image Editing – when Paint isn’t up to the task, try a fully-featured online image editor like Pixlr (, scroll down the page and launch the Editor web app to access a wealth of tools; no sign-in required!
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