Scotland's National College Digital Campaign

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#LoveScotlandsColleges 2024

To celebrate the outstanding innovation, hard work and best practice that takes place across the sector every day, organised by the CDN Marketing and Communications Network, our collaborative #LoveScotlandsColleges campaign launched on Monday 12 February 2024.

The week-long digital campaign highlighted the importance and strength of Scotland’s colleges, promoting examples, both national and local, of how colleges support students, the economy, businesses, communities and staff.

The campaign encouraged all college staff, businesses, local communities and stakeholders to get involved with the campaign on social media by using #LoveScotlandsColleges.

This year’s campaign achieved over 3 million impressions over the 5 day period!

Each day will focussed on a separate theme.



Target market



Monday 12 February Love is…our partners Businesses, industry partners, elected members etc Importance of partnership working and why our connections are so important to colleges success.

Here we are looking for you to focus on your industry connections and stakeholders. Highlight your skills programmes, apprenticeship offering, work experience links and industry partnership working – don’t forget to tag them to spread the word!

Tuesday 13 February Love is… giving back The community Importance of colleges being part of the community and everything they do to support their communities.

On this day you can highlight your fundraising and charity work, corporate social responsibility, community learning and sustainability actions to name a few.

Wednesday 14 February Love is…learning Students, potential applicants, influencers (teachers, parents, advisors etc) The fundamental reason for colleges, to provide people with a platform to learn and grow.

Today you will highlight your various learning pathways and modes of learning. You might want to use key stats around the impact of Scotland’s colleges or look more locally to some of your great student examples.

Thursday 15 February Love is…our people Students, staff, Alumni The most important aspect of any college – the people.

This is an all encompassing approach to highlighting the successes and strengths of our people, staff students and alumni.

Share your best case studies for students past and present, get staff and students involved and highlight what you are doing in your College to support our people – think wellbeing, digital support, counselling services etc.

Friday 16 February Love is… all you need All Overall recap of why we love Scotland’s Colleges

The final day of the campaign is all about celebrating colleges as a whole. Another opportunity to share your biggest success stories, highlight key stats and engage with stakeholders to raise awareness of why we #LoveScotlandsColleges