Emma Brown, Forth Valley College Student, Work Experience placement at CDN

Locating and Deciding on Placement

So I’m in my second year of my HND in business, and realisation has struck that I will need to locate and carry out my own work placement. When trying to decide what companies to contact about a placement, I really needed to be tactful and choose somewhere I could take full advantage of.
This blog will come in three parts, this will allow me to show my experience from the beginning to the end of my placement, and what I have achieved.
College Development Network (CDN) caught my eye immediately due to the work they do across the country and the branch of networks they are involved in, hosting events internally and externally.
Personally I have taken a stronger interest within Marketing and Events, and by managing to gain myself a placement within CDN, I feel I am ready to experience the work environment hands on- brain like a sponge ready to soak up all the new, fresh information.

Beginning Placement

I arrived to meet Wendy and the team here at CDN. Immediately my nerves were put at ease as I was welcomed and was introduced to everyone and given a bit more insight into who does what, and exactly what I hope to gain from the experience. After discussing the requirements I have for my placement, we agreed to extend it. For my HND I need to complete 36 hours, but as I feel this is will be an invaluable experience, I have been asked, and was happy to agree to continue till June, giving me 6 months experience within CDN.
I was invited to attend the staff meeting, this allowed me to listen and understand everyone’s roles within CDN fully as they all discussed their plans for the next coming few weeks. This gave me a good grasp on just how vast the work CDN do and the partnerships they have gained.
Within my placement I am helping out within the Marketing and Events team. The events that are currently upcoming and taking main focus are their large events, the Marketing Awards and The College Expo.
I’m very excited to help out with the Marketing Awards, as it is a night that focuses on the work colleges do and the staff that go out their way to emphasise all the amazing work that is going on in colleges nationally. My tasks so far to help with the event have been contacting florists and balloon suppliers to get further information on centre pieces and decorations for the awards night as well as ordering the gifts for the judges.
So far my experience has been nothing but positive, and I am looking forward to further integrating myself into the team and working on the College Expo, as it is a two day event that will bring together different sessions, speakers and interactive activities.

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