Launch of #EqualityMatters digest

Dr Gail Toms

CDN’s Professional Development Team have launched a new monthly digest that puts equality at the heart of the tertiary sector. Dr Gail Toms, Lead for Learning and Teaching and Equalities tells us more.

Equality is not just a buzzword, it’s a fundamental pillar of a just and harmonious society. It goes beyond the mere adherence to legislation and regulation, or mandatory CPD; it encompasses fairness, opportunity, and dignity for all individuals, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances.

I know we can all agree that colleges and universities strive to epitomise the ideal. However, equality should go beyond that, as it can be a powerful force for good in our society. Whatever your role in the tertiary sector, equality, diversity, and inclusion should underpin everything you do and be considered at every point in your professional journey.

Why? Because Scotland’s colleges and universities have wonderfully diverse populations. Students and staff come from all backgrounds and deserve respect, inclusion, and dignity irrespective of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. It is, in fact, their fundamental right. And it is our job, as members of this diverse sector to make sure everyone feels that they belong.

So… where do you start? And how can CDN help make this a staple of your professional development?

Well, we need to change the conversation around Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). As part of a broader initiative aimed at seamlessly integrating EDI principles within the tertiary sector, CDN’s Professional Development Team has introduced a monthly professional learning digest called ‘Equality Matters (view here).’ This resource will enable you to access a diverse range of materials, fostering the development of inclusive practices. Each month, this clickable infographic will be centred around a specific theme, aligning with key events in the EDI calendar.

The digest allows you to access related resources with just one click. These resources include blog posts, news articles, podcasts, short CPD sessions, videos, downloadable posters, mini-courses, and upcoming events, all related to the monthly theme.

The Equality Matters ‘digest’ also ties in with college lecturers’ professional standards, as well as the Scottish Government’s National Equality Outcomes, whilst signposting to the related UN Sustainability Development (SDGs) and Inner Development Goals (IDGs), and the Inclusive Employers ‘Six Pillars of Diversity and Inclusion’ (see illustration right).

In summary, this digest serves as a comprehensive resource. Each edition provides access to more than 480 minutes of carefully curated, bitesize segments of impactful EDI CPD every month. It offers a convenient way of boosting your confidence and enhancing your grasp of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The digest empowers you to customise your skill development at your own pace, and is suitable for individuals in academic, support, or managerial roles. Equality Matters is your guide to navigating the intricate realm of EDI and refining your professional practice.

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