Gender Based Violence training available to college staff

Training for college staff about Gender-Based-Violence (GBV), particularly in the current context, is vitally important. As part of the Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities work, Rape Crisis Scotland has been piloting the Equally Safe in Higher Education (ESHE) Toolkit training model in institutions across Scotland, in partnership with local Rape Crisis Centres, and other Gender-Based Violence organisations.

In the video below, Niamh Kerr, Rape Crisis Scotland’s Training and Education Coordinator for Colleges and Universities, speaks to CDN Curriculum and Teaching Leads Suzanne Marshall and Sandy Maclean about the training that’s available to college staff.

The (ESHE) training model has been adapted for online learning in the form of three 2-hour interactive sessions, delivered via Zoom. This series is delivered either directly by, or in partnership with local Rape Crisis Centres.

Additionally, Rape Crisis Scotland have also developed an interactive, engaging GBV e-learning module for students designed to complement face-to-face primary prevention work and give an overview of issues related to GBV. It uses a range of learning tools, such as quizzes, videos and case studies, to give students an introduction to the topic in an accessible way.

For more information about this training, please get in touch with Niamh:

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