Your Regional Economy Needs You!

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Your Regional Economy Needs You!’ is the rallying cry to all college board members (experienced and new) inviting them to join this important online workshop as part of the CDN National Board Development Programme. The workshop will bring boards together to look at their role in enabling their colleges to support the development of their regional economies.

But why do we need to summon college board members to come together for a workshop about developing their regional economy? Why does their regional economy need them? What is a college’s role in its regional economy?

Willie Mackie, Former Chair of Ayrshire College and member of CDN’s Economic Recovery Group commented recently,

“Faced with the challenges of the current unprecedented financial environment, there is an urgency like never before to leverage the opportunities that greater collaboration across multiple stakeholders can deliver to protect, nurture and develop the skills system which is so critical to our economic recovery.”

Co-operation across Scotland’s tertiary sector within regions and across regions is imperative as we deliver a more coherent skills systems that meets Scotland’s economic and social ambitions, and delivers for our learners and communities.

Developing the confidence and capabilities in college boards to build productive relationships with key regional partners is an important part of being a college board member. Navigating the intricacies of working in partnership with a variety of organisations in the regional economic area to enable stakeholder engagement and align regional strategies is essential.
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