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Blog article written by CDN College Awards 2023 Gold Sponsor – The Verdancy Group

The Verdancy Group is deeply committed to fostering positive change in education, business, communities. Through our comprehensive training, expert guidance, and mentorship programs, we aim to empower individuals of all ages to make informed and sustainable choices in different aspects of their lives.

We firmly believe that education is pivotal in equipping the current and future workforce in Scotland with the critical green skills necessary to meet our ambitious 2045 environmental targets. We recognise that achieving Net Zero requires a concerted effort across sectors, including:

Colleges: We collaborate extensively with colleges, reshaping curricula to emphasise green education. This ensures that students graduate with the skills needed for a sustainable future, especially given the influential role that colleges play in shaping tomorrow’s workforce.

Business: Working closely with businesses, we develop strategies and programmes to integrate sustainability into their operations, promoting responsible practices and fostering a green workforce.

Communities: We engage with communities to raise awareness and provide support for sustainable practices, encouraging individuals to take an active role in reducing their carbon footprint.

Government: Our active participation in governmental initiatives helps align policies and programmes with Net Zero objectives as set forth in the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan 2018-2032 and the National Just Transition Planning Framework.

Industry Bodies and Experts: Collaborations with recognised industry bodies and experts ensure the development of a portfolio of learning resources catering to the specific needs of different sectors. These resources range from short awareness modules to longer accredited and industry-recognised awards.

Since the declaration of a climate emergency by the Scottish Government in 2019, we have wholeheartedly committed to collaborating to facilitate the skills transition necessary to unlock the vast potential of a Net Zero future for Scotland.

Recognising that green skills and job opportunities may not always be immediately apparent to everyone, we place significant emphasis on embedding the relevant meta, employability, and green skills within existing frameworks and standards across sectors. We firmly believe that cultivating the right attitudes, cultures, and behaviours is just as important as developing the technical skills and competencies needed for a sustainable future.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our partners and stakeholders across these sectors, including colleges, who play a pivotal role in this crucial transition.

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