What Is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

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What’s a virtual learning environment, anyway?

It’s a VLE, of course! What’s a VLE? In the simplest terms, it’s software made to support teaching and learning. It provides a built-in framework for every aspect of the learning process. And in today’s increasingly digital learning landscape, a VLE can make an incredible difference for any educational institution—or other organisation with something to teach its people.

What’s the main purpose of a VLE? In a nutshell:

  • Administering learning more easily
  • Organising coursework, grading and such
  • Keeping track of who’s learning what
  • Offering digital access across devices

So, what can a VLE do for you?

All of the above! But a more detailed answer depends on your needs, and those of your organisation. For teachers and administrators at schools or higher education institutions, a VLE became an absolutely essential in the midst of a global pandemic and continues to be a key part of teaching and learning. It’s a robust, reliable way to create, administer and track courses—while giving students a rich digital learning experience that can support their education from many different angles.

Also, it helps if your VLE is based in the cloud. The alternative is software installed on every device in your learning network. The cloud is definitely the more popular choice these days. You don’t have to add anything to your computer or those of your learners. You just log into the VLE online and everyone’s connected. Another benefit of a cloud-based VLE is not having to worry about software upgrades getting in the way of learning.

The main benefits of online virtual learning environments:

Simplified learning.

That doesn’t mean every topic will be easy—just that your learners can interact with educational content from anywhere with the internet, any time.

Everything in one place.

Keep your courses and related materials in one safe spot. Keep up with progress, participation, and grades. And keep track of helpful data and powerful insights for your institution.

Access from any device.

As long as it’s a reasonably smart device. Learners can get to the VLE and expand their learning from their desktop at home, or their laptop or smartphone on the go.

Useful integrations.

Make sure your VLE is open to integrating with other software—from video-conferencing to badging—that can enhance its offerings.

Technical support.

Any VLE worth its salt offers reliable technical support in a pinch. Then again, the best VLEs are easy enough to follow that they don’t require a lot of support once you get the hang of them. And speaking of the best VLE …

Canvas is THE virtual learning environment for schools and universities.

There’s a reason Canvas is the #1 virtual learning environment for both schools and higher education institutions around the world. Actually, there are a lot of reasons. It’s designed to deliver teaching, learning, and student success through an open, extensible learning ecosystem. It’s a powerful set of highly integrated learning products gives institutions all the functionality they need and none that they don’t. Canvas was born in the cloud, native SaaS from the start and guarantees 99.9% uptime. And you can count on easy integration with a network of 400+ education technology partners to support your digital campus today and well into the future.

You’re going to want to learn more about Canvas.

(AKA the virtual learning environment that enhances your awesomeness.)

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