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Your Profession – Your Standards – Your Voice

In 2017 the Scottish Government commissioned College Development Network (CDN) to undertake a review of the 2012 Professional Standards for Lecturers.

The review was undertaken and informed by extensive consultation with the college sector and its key stakeholders.

A huge thank you to all of you who responded to the initial online survey, we received 1,600 responses!

In addition to the online survey we have also conducted:

  • 17 Focus Groups, 10 of which were dedicated to lecturing staff
  • 9 in depth interviews with key stakeholders

We also received valuable feedback to the dedicated Professional Standards in box.

Following continued collaboration with key professional partners over the summer we are pleased to present the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges.

It is really important that the Professional Standards represent the aspirations of the college sector and we are particularly keen to hear from as many college staff and potential users of the Standards as possible and hope that you will feedback and encourage others to do so.

Other interested parties are invited to complete the survey, or to provide comments on the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges by emailing: professional.standards@cdn.ac.uk


January 2018

The online survey was launched along with the focus groups and interviews.

February 2018

The online survey, focus groups and interviews closed mid-February.

March 2018

The Steering Group considered the research results.

April 2018

Update on the draft Professional Standards presented to the Steering Group for feedback.

May 2018

Production of draft Professional Standards for further consolidation with the college sector and key stakeholders.

June 2018

Final consultation announced at CDN’s College Expo 2018 event.

September 2018

Update on the Professional Standards presented to the Steering Group in early September for feedback and approval. Final online survey launched mid-September for consultation across the sector and key stakeholders and closing mid-October.

October 2018

Review of online consultation with any feedback incorporated into the Professional Standards. Completed Professional Standards presented to the Steering Group for approval.

Late Autumn

The Professional Standards to be launched end Late Autumn


Steering Group

The review will be guided by the Professional Standards Review Steering Group which is chaired by Mhairi Harrington, CDN Fellow and former Principal of West Lothian College. The Steering Group, along with the Project Team, has agreed an ambitious approach to the review with a wide-ranging consultation process. This includes an online survey, a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews involving college staff and key stakeholders. The Steering Group is working to develop a vision and a set of values which will be the basis of the Standards.

Mhairi Harrington, CDN Fellow and former Principal of West Lothian College, said:

The College Sector places a great deal of value in developing highly professional staff and see this review as an excellent opportunity to match our new Standards with the future needs of learners and stakeholders.