CDN LearnOnline provides access to resources and online courses, enabling you to design your own professional development.

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The resources and courses are structured and aligned to the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges, to provide evidence of progress and professional achievement. They are contextualised to the sector and to college life.

You told us that you want to plan your own professional learning which:

  • Is focused on becoming a reflective practitioner
  • Fits with national standards
  • Uses tried and trusted support resources.

And that you value:

  • High quality videos, exemplifying professional discussions
  • Online course resources
  • Briefing and guidance papers.

We have responded to your comments and will continue to build and develop to make sure that we are providing what you, as a lecturer in one of Scotland’s colleges, value for your own professional development.

Our students say:

I found it very easy to communicate with other colleagues using the chat and online forums, and through these I picked up some useful pointers.

Studying online has been a good experience for me, it’s handy as I could log in within my office and access all materials from my own work desk.

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