Purpose of Network

The purpose of the Antiracist Education Network (AREN)  is to connect practitioners (academic, support, and leadership) from across the tertiary sector, to share experiences and good practice. It also aims to provide a safe space for practitioners interested in developing and delivering anti-racist curricula. The network is jointly managed by Advance HE, CDN, and QAA.

In response to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report Tackling Racial Harassment: Universities Challenged (published October 2019), Advance HE launched its successful Tackling Racism on Campus project in February 2020. This was funded by the Scottish Funding Council. Outputs included a series of webinars and blogs, a suite of resources for use in institutions, and research on fostering a diverse workforce.

One key outcome of the project is that all of Scotland’s colleges and universities have committed to the following declaration:

‘Racism exists on our campuses and in our society. Call it what it is and reject it in all its forms. We stand united against racism.’

AREN has been established to carry on the work initiated by Advance HE in 2020-21 and carried forward by QAA Enhancement Themes in 2021-23, and to facilitate further collaboration across the tertiary sector.

The network will meet a maximum of 3 times per year.


Focus of the network this session

  • Sharing good practice for decolonising curricula
  • Raising awareness of antiracist praxis and cultures.


Who may wish to attend this network:

Any college staff who has responsibility for: EDI provision; decolonisation of the curricula; antiracist policy, procedures, processes, and initiatives; developing support for an antiracist culture on campus; or anyone interested in promoting an antiracist ethos and culture.

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External partnerships

Advance HE, QAA, Scotland’s Universities and Colleges

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CDN Lead

Gail Toms


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