Purpose of Network

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Network is focused on maintaining and improving the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of college staff and students.

The regular network meetings and event(s) and associated Share-net group provide vital opportunities for members at all levels working in the college sector to meet up and compare operational issues and contextualised practices and discuss key issues relating to their role. Network meetings and events also provide opportunities to hear from key partners about any relevant updates to advice and guidance on health and safety related issues and topics.

It is recognised that not all colleges operate in the same way, so the need for local implementation remains vital. Our focus for session 2021-22 remains focused on implementing robust and efficient health safety and wellbeing practices in relation to keeping staff and students safe and healthy on campus during Covid -19 and beyond.

Focus of the network this session

  • supporting the open sharing of practice and discussion of health and safety issues relevant to the sector
  • providing opportunities for health and safety professionals employed within the college sector to engage, consider and raise their awareness of health and safety issues
  • providing opportunities for health and safety professionals to identify potential ways to further improve or refine existing practices and implement these at a local level.

Who may wish to attend this network

College staff who have responsibility for essential skills, employability, workforce learning and career education.

External partnerships

Engagement with key partners including the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and NHS Healthy Working Lives/Public Health Scotland (PHS) as well as other key stakeholders

CDN Lead

Sandra-Jane Grier