Today College Development Network (CDN) launches the newly-revised Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges

Extensive consultation and a robust review process with partners, stakeholders and the college sector has resulted in a modernised set of Professional Standards for college lecturers, which firmly embeds the importance of digital approaches in learning, teaching and assessment.

Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, Richard Lochhead MSP, said:

‘The revised Professional Standards will help college lecturers to continue to deliver the high-quality education that is available to all learners at Scotland’s colleges, as well as informing training and continued support.

‘I would like to thank the Steering Group for their work in modernising these Standards, and offer my support to the sector on their implementation.’

Mhairi Harrington OBE, Chair of the Review of Professional Standards Steering Group and CDN Fellow, said:

‘We will face many societal and economic challenges in the coming years and therefore it is vital that we have a set of Professional Standards for our lecturers which will support effective learning for the future.

‘I would like to thank my colleagues on the Steering Group and to pay tribute to the staff in College Development Network and partners in the General Teaching Council for Scotland who all worked with tenacity and passion to ensure the college sector has a set of Professional Standards for lecturers to be proud of.’

Ken Muir, Chief Executive and Registrar of the General Teaching Council for Scotland, said:

‘As the professional body for teachers and lecturers in Scotland, I am pleased to welcome the launch of revised professional standards for college lecturers.

‘Modern teaching standards have a range of uses, including being a tool for accrediting TQFE programmes, a benchmark for learning and teaching, and as a vehicle to enhance and promote professional learning. Importantly, they ensure the quality of teaching and learning experienced by children, young people and adult learners.

‘What has been achieved through partnership working between GTC Scotland and the College Development Network provides professional standards which convey a strong sense of lecturer professionalism and identity. With these refreshed standards now in place, GTC Scotland looks forward to our continued work with partners across the college sector and wider education system to support and enhance lecturer professionalism. GTC Scotland is committed to continuing to support the college sector and to offer lecturers a suite of services to support their ongoing professional development.’

Jim Metcalfe, Chief Executive of College Development Network (CDN) said:

‘The new Professional Standards set a new benchmark for the college sector. We are proud to have worked with partners to deliver an excellent, modernised and user-friendly set of Standards that are fit for the needs of college lecturers and students today, and into the future.’

The new Professional Standards may be viewed and downloaded at:

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