Virtual Governance Research Report Published

CDN has partnered with the Association of Colleges (AoC) to commission a research report exploring the ways in which college boards have adapted to the pandemic. The report considers the governing of colleges during a time of lockdown arising from the Covid pandemic, and seeks to provide advice for future use of virtual governing meetings. It demonstrates how inventive and pragmatic college governing bodies have been, whilst staying focussed on the essentials of their roles.

The Report provides insight into the experiences of colleges, of chairs and of governing body members, and should be useful reading for governance professionals, college leaders and others interested in governance.

The recommendations included offer a great checklist for boards, given how likely it is that the current restrictions will be with us for some time to come. It is anticipated that many of the changes and adaptation will last into the long term, because the report shows that there are benefits in a degree of virtual meetings alongside face to face.

Thanks go to Dr Ron Hill, Professor of Education, University of Stirling, and Dr Colin Forest, Leeds Trinity University, who prepared the report; and special thanks to all those who engaged in the research.

View the Virtual Governance Report here

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